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Make My Mark

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Through this activity, children develop a clear understanding of their motor skills, and to differentiate between left and right.

At OMO, we believe that every stain represents an important experience - mud stains are the stamp of adventure, grass stains are the sign of exploration and fruit stains are the aftermath of discovery. Encourage your kids to get messy with our fun activities for happy, healthy, confident kids. We'll be there to sort out the dirty clothes afterwards.  

Make My Mark

This activity will leave a mark by teaching your child how to distinguish between left and right.  

What you'll need:

What you need

What to do:

  1. Get a large bowl or container and mix mud (or paint) together with your child. Once you have your mixture, lay a large piece of paper or newspaper on the floor. Ask your child to dip their hand or foot into the mixture and make a print on the paper. Chat about whether it is their left or right side.

  2. Let them get creative and make a few prints on the page, leave them outside to dry. Help your little one cut them out and make a hopscotch pattern or a path to walk on.