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My Home

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A creative activity that encourages your child to explore shape and pattern and to talk about what home means to them.

At OMO, we believe that every stain represents an important experience - mud stains are the stamp of adventure, grass stains are the sign of exploration and fruit stains are the aftermath of discovery. Encourage your kids to get messy with our fun activities for happy, healthy, confident kids. We'll be there to sort out the dirty clothes afterwards.

My Home

A creative activity that encourages your child to explore shape and pattern and to talk about what home means to them.

What you’ll need:

What you will need list

What to do:

Go for a walk in the garden or park with your child and gather materials like twigs, grass stalks, flower petals, small (light) stones, bark and so on. At home, give your child a piece of paper and crayons or pens and ask them to draw the house or building you live in. You may need to help either by drawing with them or reminding them of some details of the building, like a chimney, a flat roof or a window near the front door, for example. 

Now let your child decorate their drawing with the natural objects. While they’re working, chat about what things they like best about your home and explain that homes come in many different shapes and sizes. 

Alternative Materials:

Alternative materials

Change it up:

Make it easy: Draw the outline for your child to work with so they can just enjoy decorating. 

Make it a challenge: Ask your child to add extra details to their drawing, like a slide or a chimney. When you talk about different sizes and styles of houses, talk to them about houses in nature, like bird nests, spider webs and so on. You can also mention ‘moving houses’ like snail and tortoise shells.

Indoor play: The drawing and decorating part of this activity can be done indoors or outdoors. If you can’t go outside to collect natural objects, help your child to gather sweet wrappers, chip packets, old magazines, buttons, ribbons and other small household items to decorate with.

Development areas:

  • Knowing left from right

  • Knowing where you are

  • Specific movement

  • Planning

  • Moving between spaces


Focus and dedication; love of nature; empathy.