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Keep your Garden Green and Save Water with Grey Water

Learn How You Can Save Water by Using a Grey Water System to Water Your Garden and Keep Your Plants Ever Green.

Allow your garden to thrive and save water at the same time by installing a Grey Water System. What exactly is a Grey water System, you ask? Grey water is made up of a collection of showers, bath, washing machine and sink water. Now, normally we allow this water to go to waste, especially when it comes to bathing and showering.

What a Grey Water system does is it puts this water to good use by redistributing it back into your garden’s rich and nutrient-packed soil, helping your grass and flowers blossom and prosper. Now, we understand that you may have concerns when it comes to hygiene, and the odd odours that you would expect a system such as this one to make.

But don’t stress; a Grey Water System instantly re-uses this water, which in turn stops the different bacteria that normally cause hygiene and odour issues from producing – instead transforming them into healthy nutrients for your soil to feed from.

Some experts say that due to the large amount of nutrient-rich residues, soaps and biodegradable products present in this re-usable water, that it is in fact better for your garden than clean tap water. The brass-tax fact is that an average household of four people uses around 300 litres of reusable water daily.

That adds up to just over 100 000 litres a year – crazy, right? Consider installing one of these planet-friendly Grey Water Systems, so that the next time you do a load of washing, you will know that the excess water isn’t merely washing away an being wasted – but rather being redistributed back into the earth where it belongs, keeping your garden healthy and green as ever before.

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