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OMO: Every Bit Helps When There Are Millions Helping!

Washing on the cold cycle might seem like a small thing, but if all of us did it, the world would be a greener place! Find out more here.

OMO products for laundry care aren't only good at removing the toughest stains; our range also keeps the environment in mind. Every five minutes, there are more than a million people using OMO laundry detergents! This means that, in a single year, we have 125 billion chances to be a little greener.  

This diagram illustrates the greenhouse gas footprint of a product at different stages from the very start, before it is manufactured, to the end when it is thrown away.

When your washing machine heats water, the percentage of greenhouse gas produced spikes. That’s why our products for fabric care do a great job of cleaning your laundry at a lower temperature.

This is just one of the innovative ways in which we’re making a difference. We’re always looking for new ways throughout the laundry care process to reduce our impact on the environment. Since 1995, we have reduced water usage by 76%, waste by 70%, and greenhouse gases by 44% in our laundry factories.

By 2012, more than 50% of all our products will be re-formulated to reduce greenhouse gas by up to 25% per pack. We’re also saving on packaging and energy by concentrating our automatic washing powders and liquid detergents. We’re doing our bit - and now you can also make a difference by implementing the following small changes!

Save Energy:

By turning your washing machine temperature down to 30°C you will not only be cutting energy consumption by 40%, you’ll be saving on your electricity bill too. You can get great results with temperatures as low as 15°C!

Use Less Packaging:

By choosing a product that is concentrated, you are using less packaging.

If every household chose our great concentrated products for laundry care, it would be as effective as taking a million cars off of the road!

Use the Recommended Dose:

There's no need to add a little extra when you're using OMO. Read the instructions and use the recommended dose. You'll save money and stop using an unnecessary amount of detergent.

Save Water:  

With our specially formulated products for stain removal, pre-washing is a thing of the past. Save water, save on your bill and save time. Also, only do the laundry once there’s enough to do a full load.

Use the Recommended Dose:

There’s no need to add a little extra when you’re using OMO powder or liquid detergent. Read the instructions and use the recommended dose. You’ll save money and stop using an unnecessary amount of detergent.