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The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan

With climate change an ever-growing concern, sustainability has never been so important. Learn about Unilever's commitment to sustainable living here.

Due to the world’s current climate changes, lack of water is a huge concern, which is why it is so important for us all to do our part to conserve it. The scarcity of this much-needed resource is becoming an everyday reality for us all and, as responsible earth inhabitants, we need to be proactive to form part of the solution.

At Unilever, we started the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, where one of our brands, OMO, has played a huge role in our venture, thus helping us to create a more sustainable future. By the year 2020, as our business grows, our goal is to have halved any negative impact that Unilever products have on the environment.

We strive to make sustainable living a big focus in terms of everything that we do, including changing the process of manufacturing our products for a greener environment. We’ve already relooked at our product formulations, from how we manufacture to how we package our products, in an effort to do our bit for the environment.

Since 2008, we’ve not only redesigned our powder formulation, but we’ve also managed to reduce the recommended dose per wash by a whopping 25%. That way, consumers use smaller measurements in order to achieve the same effective performance from OMO. Using less product simply means that the production will be less.

This means that less raw material would be necessary, as well as less packaging material, less production energy and fewer trucks for delivery. Other than product development, we also recycle all of the waste generated in our laundry factory in Indaiatuba, Brazil. This means that there’s no landfill waste and, since 2011, we’re proud to say that:

  • our factory energy consumption per ton has decreased by 7%,

  • our water consumption has decreased by 15%,

  • our carbon dioxide emissions have reduced by 15%.

Taking action in order to reduce the impact on the environment per wash We strive to do everything that we can for the environment, but we also need you to help us by using our products in a sustainable way. 58% of our greenhouse gas impact derives from our consumers; this includes the heating of water and machine washing for laundry. Simple ways, such as using the quick wash cycle, or using water at a lower temperature, can make a big difference! Tips for a more sustainable wash:

  • Opt for quick cycles, thus saving water and energy. Imagine the big difference it’d make if everyone who owned a washing machine in South Africa changed their cycles from 2 hours to an efficient 30-minute wash.

  • We’ve developed our great formulas to deliver brilliant cleaning results at even 30°C. Save energy by making sure that you set your washes to this lower temperature.

  • Wash full loads for fewer washes, saving water and energy. OMO products are designed to give large loads the same clean outcomes as light loads. Use liquid detergent as its ingredients have less of a negative impact on the environment, both in production and packaging.

  • Follow the dosage instructions on the back of our OMO packaging to save water. Even stubborn stains can be eliminated with our unique formula.

Such small changes can make a huge and positive impact. Help us to preserve the environment for our children, their children and their children after that, to get their hands dirty, and experience life out in the world.