Water-Saving on Laundry Day


With hot temperatures and drought becoming more frequent across the nation, saving water wherever possible is a topic hot on the tongues of our fellow South Africans. Every drop counts, each litre matters, and we should all try our hardest to save water wherever possible. 

This said, did you know that some washing machines can use between 55 and 113 litres every time you wash a batch of clothes? Have a look below at some great alternative techniques you can adopt in order to make your daily washing routine that much more water friendly. 


Don’t use a basin

Did you know that hand washing your clothes in your kitchen or bathroom basins can not only help you save water, but will also allow you to get hands-on with your dirty garments so you can give tougher stains the individual attention they sometimes need?  

Using your kitchen or bathroom basins to wash your clothes can be tempting. Not only does it save water, but it lets us get hands-on with our dirty garments, allowing us to give tougher stains the individual attention they sometimes need. We do, however, have only one problem with washing clothes in the basin – and that is the temptation to pull the plug once the water gets a little dirty. That’s why we recommend using a bucket. Not only do you know exactly how much water you are using (your average 4.5kg bucket holds about 10 litres), but you won’t be tempted to prematurely drain out perfectly good water that can easily be used to wash another load. Using a bucket also gives you the perfect opportunity to get outside in the sunshine and keep an eye on your kids while they play.   


OMO Hand Wash Powder Gentle on Hands 


This gentle powder effortlessly removes tough stains faster than regular washing powders. Not only does it remove two times more stains and penetrate deep into your clothes’ fibres, but just a handful is enough to remove tough stains – making it the perfect washing companion for bucketsized loads of dirty clothes.

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