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A child about to draw on white paper with a pink pencil.

Make your own paper letter

Have you ever wondered how the paper in your birthday cards and notes is made? Everyone loves receiving a letter; now imagine how special it would be if your kids made their own paper, too! Paper making can be messy, but the results will be special.

What you need

  • Scrap paper (check the recycling bin for newspapers or old envelopes)

  • Half a bucket of water

  • Food colouring or paint

  • Rolling pin

  • Tray or flat plate with a rim

  • Something to give it that personal touch, like glitter, sequins or flower petals

  • If kids are making paper inside, they’ll need something to cover the work surface – in case of leakages!

What to do

Get Ready:

  1. To make the pulp, kids will need to tear their paper scraps into small pieces, then mix together paper and water in the bucket.

  2. Then, they should add their chosen colour and get stuck in, mixing the soggy tissue with their hands, adding glitter or petals, and even rolling up their trousers to squish the pulp with their feet.

Have a go:

  1. Leave the pulp to soak overnight, until it’s thick and soggy.

  2. Then, they can add more special ingredients onto the tray and scoop handfuls of squeezed pulp over the tray to cover it.

  3. Finally, they will need to hunt out a warm spot to place the tray whilst it dries, like under the radiator.

Try it out:

  1. Creating their own paper is worth kids waiting for! When it’s completely dry, they can carefully peel it off the tray and think about someone they could send a letter to.

  2. Kids can try cutting their letter into fun shapes and drawing pictures along with their words.