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Colourful crafting scissors sitting on bright paper.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts give kids the perfect opportunity to get messy! Here you can find lots of art activities for kids that encourage them to embrace their creativity and have fun. We’ve got videos demonstrating craft ideas for kids, plus simple step-by-step guides – check them out below.

Happy crafting!

All children need adult supervision when doing arts and crafts.

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Art activities for kids are bound to get messy! Cover your craft area with a wipe-clean tablecloth or old newspaper and make sure your little ones wear aprons. If they do get stains on their clothes, check out OMO’s stain removal section for top laundry tips!

Even toddlers can join in with arts and crafts! Simple art activities like finger painting are a fun sensory activity for young children to try, while easy paper crafts are perfect for older children and give you a great opportunity to recycle old newspapers, cereal boxes, and egg cartons.

Give your child freedom to make their own decisions with their arts and crafts. Encourage them to discuss their process and ask them questions about their artwork, like, “tell me about what you’ve made” or “what made you choose that colour?”

Kids will love spending time with you while making arts and crafts. Together you can create something special and keep it as a memento, or you could share your creations with loved ones. Arts and crafts for kids make for great gifts for friends and relatives

Creative activities for kids ignite their imaginations. Giving kids the chance to experiment with different materials and create their own masterpieces is great for their development and encourages self-expression. Who knows, they could even be the next Picasso!

Not only do arts and crafts encourage creativity, but they can also help kids to develop their problem solving skills and fine motor skills. Group art activities are great for your child’s social development, too. Gather a group of your child’s friends and try one of our craft ideas for kids.