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Colourful crafting scissors sitting on bright paper.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts give kids the perfect opportunity to get messy! Here you can find lots of art activities for kids that encourage them to embrace their creativity and have fun. We’ve got videos demonstrating craft ideas for kids, plus simple step-by-step guides – check them out below. Happy crafting! All children need adult supervision when doing arts and crafts.

A child messily painting on a white surface.
Play with Purpose Video Fact Sheet: #3 Hand and Feet Painting
Toilet rolls sitting on a bench with scissors, ready to be used for craft activities.
Recycled gardening
Girl pulling faces with paint stains on her hands and face.
Play with Purpose Video Fact Sheet: #1 Food Family Portrait
Two happy boys playing in mud.
Mud splatters
A papier mache mask being made with glue and newspaper.
How to Make Paper Mache Turtles for Kids
A child about to draw on white paper with a pink pencil.
Make your own paper letter
Colourful candle lanterns spread out.
How to Make Paper Lanterns for Kids
A young boy and a girl hugging in a park.
How to Make a Fairy Garden for Kids
A papier mache mask being made with glue and newspaper.
Make a paper mache animal piggy bank
Happy children sitting on a tree branch.
Make a family portrait collage
A boy and a girl playing with autumn leaves.
Leaf printing and stencilling
A child messily painting on a white surface.
Hand and foot painting
Colourful feathers, lavender, and glitter laid out on a wooden table.
DIY Paper Mask for Kids
A paper mask being made using egg cartons and newspaper.
Make recycled mosaics
Milk tinted with food colouring in bowls.
Cloud Dough Recipe for Kids
A smiling girl holding colourful balloons near the sea.
Balloon heads
Ideas de juegos tranquilos para el desarrollo de niños activos
Make a nature magnet
Colourful plastic bags spread out on a white background.
Plastic bag weaving
Floating lanterns in the sky
Make a floating lantern
A little girl playing indoors.
Make a memory tree