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Two happy boys playing in mud.

Mud splatters

Let your kids fly in the mud.

What you need

  • Small water balloons

  • Mud (consistency of paint)

  • Large sheet of white butcher's paper

What to do

  1. Attach the large sheet of white butcher’s paper to a wall or fence with masking tape.

  2. Fill the small balloons with the mud and tie up with knots.

  3. Stand back from the paper, aim and fire!

  4. See the amazing effects on the paper as the mud splatters.

Safety warnings: Ensure children do not play with dirt that may have been contaminated by animals. Ensure that children do not put dirt or dirty hands in their mouths. Potting mix is dangerous as it contains a potentially harmful bacteria, do not use. Ensure any cuts are covered. Wash hands afterwards.