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A paper mask being made using egg cartons and newspaper.

Make a solar oven

Blue painted background
Are your kids curious about solar power? Why not let them discover how they can take advantage of some of the world’s free energy and cook something yummy in a solar oven?

Make a solar oven

What you need

  • Aluminium foil

  • Adhesive tape

  • Chocolate

  • A sunny day

  • Cling film

  • Paint to decorate

  • Biscuits

  • Black paper, or paper that has been painted black

  • Scissors

  • Marshmallows

  • Outdoor space

What to do

Get Ready:

  1. Create a solar panel in your pizza box. To do this, supervise your kids as they cut a flap in the lid of the pizza box and tightly wrap the flap in aluminum foil. The flap should be about the size of a dinner plate.

  2. Make an oven by lining the base of the box with black paper to help absorb the heat. With the adhesive tape, kids should secure a double layer of cling film over the large window left by the flap in the lid, making the seal as airtight as possible so the oven will contain heat when shut.

  3. Now it’s time for them to get creative and personalise the outside of the box with paint.

Have a go:

  1. Now your kids are ready to use their solar oven to cook some delicious ‘Biscuit Melts’! When the sun is shining, and there is no cloud cover, find a sunny spot in your garden, yard, balcony or local park where the kids can set up the oven.

  2. To make the ‘Biscuit Melts’ they will need to place the biscuits on the black paper and cover with a layer of chocolate buttons and a layer of marshmallow.

  3. Kids should carefully close the pizza box so they can see the ‘Biscuit Melts’ through the cling film window. Positioning the lid is key to ensuring the oven will heat up and cook delicious food.

  4. Give them a wooden spoon to prop the lid open ensuring that it is reflecting the sun’s rays into the oven. Allow time for the sun to slowly heat the oven, melting the marshmallows and chocolate onto the biscuits.

Try it out: If the marshmallow and chocolate aren’t melting, encourage your kids to try repositioning the lid to capture more sunlight. When the marshmallow and chocolate are oozing out over the biscuits, your kids will know the ‘Biscuit Melts’ are ready and it’s time for them to try their deliciously messy treats.