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Little girl playing hopscotch in the street.

Fun Indoor and Outdoor Games for Kids

There’s endless hours of fun to be had with indoor and outdoor games for kids. Gardening activities, water play, group games for kids, and more – we’ve got plenty of ideas to share with you, here.

Ready, set, let’s play some games!


All indoor and outdoor games for kids need adult supervision.

Find out more about outdoor and indoor activities for kids!

Getting dirty and exploring the world around us is an essential part of growing up. Don’t be afraid to let your kids dive in and get messy playing outdoor games! The best experiences can result in the toughest stains. Check out our stain removal section for laundry tips! 

Outdoor activities for kids play a big role in a child’s development. Every time kids come home with dirty clothes, you know they’ve had an experience that will help shape who they are. Learning and playing while getting messy helps them to develop essential life skills, like independence and resilience. 

Outdoor activities for kids are so much fun – they give kids the opportunity to get hands-on with nature and explore the great outdoors. Jumping in puddles, rolling in grass, squishing mud through their fingers – these are all brilliant opportunities for kids to embrace messy, outdoor play. 

These days, kids spend less and less time outdoors. Encourage your kids to switch off the TV or put down that tablet and do something active! Whether done Inside or outside, active play keeps your kids fit and healthy, and helps their social and emotional development. 

An indoor or outdoor activity for kids will often include teamwork. Whether it’s group indoor activities for kids or a team sport outside, group games for kids are great for helping kids to develop social and communication skills, as well as teaching them about being a team player. 

When it comes to indoor and outdoor activities for kids, safety is paramount, but that doesn’t mean any less fun should be had! Outdoor games for kids should be played in a safe location away from any roads, and always keep an eye on kids when they’re playing a game. 

Come rain or shine, outdoor games for kids can be enjoyed by all! Playing on the beach when it’s hot, or building mud pies in the rain – there’s an activity for all seasons. Browse our articles to find your favourite.