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A papier mache mask being made with glue and newspaper.

Make your own family hero theatre

Roll up, roll up, it’s show time! With this activity, your kids will delve into your family’s history and bring the stories they discover to life in their very own Family Hero Theater!

What you need

  • Cardboard box

  • Pair of scissors

  • Paints and paintbrushes

  • Old curtains, tablecloth or tea towels

  • Sticky tape

  • Old curtain cord, rope or ribbon

What to do

Get ready:

  1. First make the basic structure. Help kids cut the top and back off their box, then draw a stage shape onto the front and cut out a flap to form your theater.

  2. Let kids design and build their stage, using sticky tape, paper clips or whatever is available to attach the curtains.

  3. Then they can get creative decorating the set! Using paints and anything else they can find, let them get as colourful, fancy and ‘showbiz’ as they like!

Have a go: Now all they need is a good story to perform on their opening night!

  1. Help them ask family members questions to find out their most heroic and incredible stories. For instance, do they know how their grandparents met? Have they heard how Auntie survived her adventure holiday or have they been wowed by Dad’s or brother’s most amazing act of bravery? Whether your family is big or small, everyone can share a story.

  2. Once they’ve found a great story, they’ll need to agree on a ‘script’ and cast the show with puppets, using toys or making their own using kitchen utensils, old jewellery, construction paper or anything else they like.

Try it Out: Rehearsal is important, so kids can practice cooperation, get creative with the script, negotiate roles and overcome any nerves before the big night. Offer to serve as a test audience for the dress rehearsal, keeping the play secret from the rest of the family. For more information, download the Activity Guide.