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Curious kids using a magnifying glass to look at grass in a garden.

Play with Purpose Video Fact Sheet: #2 Secret Garden

Learn how to make your own secret garden.

What you need

For Colour:  Dirt, Mud, Sand, Flowers blended with Water/ Flour

For Texture:   Flowers Petals, Grass, Leaves, Seeds, Gumnuts, Ferns, Herbs, Twigs, Tiny   Pebbles, Mulch

For help:  Glue

For Safety:  An old sheet

What to do

  1. Go and ask mum or dad which materials you can use.

  2. Start with a blank canvas, a piece of cardboard or a large sheet of butcher’s paper.

  3. Place an old sheet underneath to keep the area clean.

  4. Now you are ready… just have a go. Use the materials to create anything you like. You could start by creating the garden first, or maybe something you would find in a garden. 

  5. When you’re finished you can proudly share your masterpiece with your family and friends.

  6. It’s now time to clean up. That means yourself, your clothes, and the area. So maybe you can ask mum or dad to help.

And that’s it…. it’s so easy! Now have fun and remember always… ‘Play With Purpose’


  • Mixing water in with the sand or dirt will help it to stick to your canvas

  • Try adding some food colouring to some ingredients, to change their colour

  • Wash Warning: Food colouring can be a bit tricky to get out in the wash so remember to be careful using it.

  • If you need some help sticking something down, use a little bit of glue

  • And if you need to cut anything, make sure you use some safety scissors.

Safety warnings:

Be sure mum or dad is around to help when using scissors and glue. Ensure children do not play with dirt that may have been contaminated by animals. Ensure that children do not put dirt or dirty hands in their mouths. Potting mix is dangerous as it contains a potentially harmful bacteria, do not use. Ensure any cuts are covered. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards.