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A boy holds up a camera while his sister plays on a beach.

Top 10 ways to celebrate the National Day of Real Play in Queensland

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You can celebrate the National Day of Real Play in Queensland! Get outside and have fun making up your own adventures wherever you are in Australia.

You can celebrate the National Day of Real Play anywhere! Get outside and have fun making up your own adventures, whether it is in the park at the end of your road or one Australia’s magnificent National Parks.

To help you get started though Nature Play and OMO have come up with our Top 10 ways to celebrate the National Day of Real Play, along with some great places in Queensland you can go to try them!

1. Climb a tree

Climbing trees is something every kid should do!

Good climbing trees can be found just about anywhere and good kinds of trees to look for include Moreton Bay fig trees, mulberry trees and gum trees – look for strong, sturdy branches, with good spacing between (and a sandy or grassy base for softer landings!)

To be safe remember to always have three points of contact (two hands and a foot, or two feet and one hand) and not to climb on a branch that is thinner than your thigh.

2. Build a cubby at home or at your local park

Every kid needs a base of their own! Find a spot in the backyard to make a cubby just for you, or go to your local park and see if you can recruit other kids to help you make something you can share.

You can use just about any materials you can get hold of. Try cardboard boxes, bits of wood, sticks or sheets from the laundry. If you are making a cubby in nature remember to leave only your footprints and take home only memories!

3. Make a mud pie at Karawatha Forest Nature Play Space

Mud is good! There’s nothing better than squishy, dirty, gloppy mud to bring out your inner super chef.

And Karawatha Forest Nature Play Space has a great water pump to make water flow down a dry creek bed into the gooey mud pit. Once the water reaches the mud pit your mud pie bakery is open for business. Yummy.

4. Go camping in your backyard

Camping out under the stars is amazing and you don’t need to go bush to do it. Why not pitch your tent in the yard. If you don’t have a tent you can string up a tarp with rope and snuggle up with your doona and pillow.

Why not invite your friends around and camp together?

5. Go on a family bike ride at Boondall Wetlands

Having a bike is like having a licence for freedom! You can explore, meander, or just go on a ride to nowhere. Why not get the family together and explore the Boondall Wetlands by bike. The tracks are perfect for kids of all riding abilities. The wide variety of birdlife, cool mangroves makes this a great way for a day of real play.

6. Make a kite and fly it at Currumbin Beach

Kites are popular for kids all over the world. And best of all making them is super easy. A quick internet search will show you dozens of designs you can make with things you probably already have in the house.

Once you’ve made your kite try taking it to stunning Currumbin Beach for a test flight. Currumbin has perfect breezes and open spaces for kite flying. Plus Currumbin Creek creek-inlet is amazing for a swim once the kite flying fun is over.

7. Invent an outdoor game with friends

The best thing about inventing your own game is that you get to make up the rules! Get some friends together and start inventing. You can do it in your backyard, in your neighbourhood or even organise a visit to one of Queensland’s amazing National Parks.

8. Build a city in the sand at Palm Beach Parklands

Sand is perfect for building your own city and Palm Beach Parklands is just the spot to get unleash your inner architect. It has amazing beaches, calm waters, lots of shade, heaps of kids and fantastic nearby playground.

9. Go on a photo safari in your neighbourhood

All you need for this activity is a camera (or mobile phone), and a sharp pair of eyes. Now, head out into your neighbourhood and see how many animals you can spot and photograph. Look for birds, insects, reptiles and pets. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

You can even print your pictures and make a scrapbook of your safari to share with friends.

10. Make a stick boat and float it down a creek at Cedar Creek Samford

Get creative with sticks and leaves you find on the ground and make a boat! It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to float.

Cedar Creek is a great place for a creativity and imagination explosion, with stunning natural beauty, clear waters, beautiful rock pools, and lots of interesting estuaries for a stick boat to navigate. Smooth sailing ahead!