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Happy children sitting on a tree branch.

Kids’ Activities

Welcome to Kids’ Activities! We’ve got lots of ideas for fun activities for kids that encourage them to get outside and embrace real, messy play! Discover the importance of play and keep your kids’ entertained with our range of exciting activities for kids. 

Let’s get ready to play! 

All indoor and outdoor activities for kids need adult supervision.

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Find out more about fun activities for kids and the importance of play!

Messy hands, feet, faces, and clothes… when it comes to indoor or outdoor play, dirt is unavoidable! But there’s no need to worry about dirty clothes when you’ve got OMO on hand. Check out the stain removal section for tips!

If you’re not getting dirty, you’re not living fully. Kids these days spend too much time behind computer screens. Here at OMO we want to restore the value of real play: diving into real life experiences without hesitation and exploring the world around us. 

Real play is an essential part of childhood that shouldn’t be missed. Give your kids the freedom to immerse themselves in real life play and get messy! We’re talking about climbing a tree, hunting for bugs, making mud pies, camping in the woods – real world activities for kids!

Encouraging kids to engage in real, messy play is all about getting them back to basics and letting kids just be kids! It’s about getting active, having fun, and embracing dirt. With outdoor play they can get hands-on with nature and discover amazing new things about the world around them.

Kids who experience real play are happy, healthy, resilient, and ready to take on the world. 

Engaging kids’ activities and immersion in dirt and the outdoors are vital for children’s long-term health and well-being. They teach them essential life skills and encourage them to think for themselves.

Now you know how beneficial real, messy play is for kids, why not try one of our fun activities for kids? If they get mud on their face, t-shirt, or jeans, it doesn’t matter. Some of the greatest experiences can result in tough stains – just reach for the OMO.