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Child splashing in mud puddles with pink wellies and mud stains on her leggings.

Why do we think Dirt is Good?

We believe that getting dirty and exploring the world first hand are vital to every child’s development.

Working with leading academic experts in child development, we have dedicated ourselves to researching the value and benefits of experiential learning. The greatest concern amongst child development experts is increased 'screen time' in the 4 to 6pm timeframe - traditionally the time when school-aged kids would once have been involved in outside play. Instead of playing outdoors kids are spending their free time indoors.

OMO is dedicated to showing you that Dirt is Good – especially when it’s the result of your kids going out into the world to have fun, explore, learn and experience the very best the world around us has to offer. Not only will this help develop kids’ understanding of their world, the environment and nature, it will also shape their values, grow their confidence, benefit their health and ultimately help them reach important milestones.

The good news is that no matter how dirty your children's clothes get, OMO is there to help make them white and bright again - so you and your children can go out and be as active as you like.

Do you have a story you can share? What do you believe are the benefits when children learn through experience? Do your kids enjoy being outside?