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Close up of spilled washing powder, washing capsules, and a scoop.

OMO Laundry Capsules

Worried about wasting laundry liquid or washing powder, or about leaving your clothes stiff from too much detergent? Then why not try OMO washing capsules.

OMO capsules contain a pre-measured dose of powerful laundry liquid that powers through stains without leaving any mess.

Learning how to use washing capsules is simple – just pop them in your washer with your clothes. 

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Getting more from your OMO capsules

It couldn’t be any easier – pop one of these OMO capsules into the back of your washing machine drum, load your clothes, and turn it on. There’s no need to tear, pierce, or cut the capsule. The film coating dissolves in your wash water with no mess. 

OMO Capsules come with great stain-busting power to get rid of stains during a regular wash. For really tough stains, why not pre-treat with a little liquid detergent from OMO? Or why not combine some OMO washing powder with cold water to make a pre-treatment paste?

We sell our washing machine capsules in easy-seal pouches rather than tubs, saving you space and money. Make sure these pouches are carefully sealed after each use and store them somewhere dry and well out of reach of little ones and four-legged friends. 

Want to make sure that your clothes are beautifully clean while staying kind next to sensitive skin? OMO Sensitive washing capsules give you a pre-measured dose of dermatologically tested detergent that’s great on sensitive skin but still powerful on stains.