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Paper mache crafts

Simple Paper Mache Ideas Everyone Can Try

Paper mache is a great craft material for kids and adults alike. In this article, we have exciting paper mache ideas for your next school craft project!

Whether your little one is obsessed with volcanos, dinosaurs or jewellery, you’ll find wonderful craft ideas that you can make with paper mache that will have every kid interested and enthusiastic. Playing and learning through paper mache ideas is a great way to stimulate your child’s creativity, encourage messy play, and for them to spend a little bonding time with you too.

Let’s take a look at what exactly paper mache is, and why it’s so versatile and fun. We’ll also give you our top five art and craft ideas for easy paper mache projects to tackle today.

What is Paper Mache?

The word paper mache actually comes from a French word that means “chewed paper”. All it is, is a combination of paper pulp or paper pieces reinforced with glue, starch or paste. You can easily make paper mache crafts at home; all you need is paper cut or torn into strips (a useful tip here is to use old magazines or newspapers for the paper ) and a good quality white glue (another useful tip is to mix three parts glue with one part water to get the best glue consistency).

How to Make Paper Mache Crafts?

Here are our top five ideas for easy paper mache crafts that you can do at home;

Idea #1 - How to Make a Paper Mache Dinosaur

Most kids love dinosaurs, right? Especially thanks to that loveable big purple guy named Barney. Get them to create their very own dinosaur that they can keep next to their beds in the design and colour of their dreams.

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Idea #2 – How to make a Paper Mache Volcano

Your kids will love creating their very own paper mache volcano that actually erupts! They’ll love creating it and they’ll learn a lot about science while doing it too. It’s one of the most fun things to make with paper mache that we’ve seen in a long time.

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Idea #3 – How to make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Most kids love the idea of getting rewarded for their responsibilities, whether it’s for tidying up their toys or being kind, giving your child pocket money is a great way to teach them about rewards. A great craft idea to do with them is to make a paper mache piggy bank in which they can keep all their pocket money.

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What art can you make with Paper Mache?

When it comes to combining craft and art, there really is nothing better for children. Here are our last two paper mache ideas that combine both art and craft in one fun-filled activity;

Idea #4 – How to Make a Mask with Paper Mache

Get your child to think out the box and be as creative and arty as possible by creating their very own mask. Whether they want to be a superhero or a lion, they’ll be able to create a mask and paint it in the design that makes their heart happy.

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Idea #5 – How to Make a Paper Mache Bangle

Whether you have a budding jewellery designer in your house or just have a child that loves to paint and be creative, making paper mache bangles will make them happy no matter what their artistic level is.

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At OMO, we believe that dirt is good, and creativity is even better. Get down and dirty by making these wonderful paper mache craft ideas with the kids - it’s fun, it’s educational and they’ll love every minute of it.

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