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How to: Green Your Laundry

OMO offers Tips on How To Tog Green Your Laundry and Keep the Environment Healthy. Use these Tips to better Your Family's Lives.

It might sound difficult, but making sure your laundry is more energy efficient doesn’t take as much effort as it sounds. In only a few simple steps these minor changes will help you make sure your laundry takes as much care of the environment as we all should. In fact, we’re going to say: “Thank you,” for being ahead of the curve.

Wash it By Hand

Simple but incredibly effective, washing certain items by hand with a good quality washing powder can go a great distance in the way of saving electricity and doing your bit to protect the local environment. This small sacrifice goes a long way. You could also think about modern tools to buy that make handwashing easier on the body, such as a pedal washer. They’re an incredibly effective analogue way of washing that is fast becoming popular all over the world.

Maximise Your Washer

Rule one: Never run your washing machine half empty. It’s a real waste of money, electricity and liquid detergents. Instead, make sure your machine is packed to the brim before you close it up and hit the start button. After separating your clothes into their respective washing piles, add in as much as you can to make sure that you are only using the machine because you have to.

Hang it Out

Don’t use your dryer on a sunny day! When the sun is high in the sky and the heat is beating down, you don’t need anything other than a line to hang your clothes on for you to green your laundry. Another simple suggestion, but one that makes a big difference.

Get your kids involved and make the most of the occasion too, by creating different games for them to play. Maybe while you hang new stuff up, they have to see how many times you fill up the washing basket? The one who guesses right could walk away with a lovely, little treat.

Hit the Laundromat

It might seem crazy, but good laundromat machines are designed to be as energy efficient as possible so that the people who own them don’t spend their profit on electricity bills. Take advantage of this by taking your heavier, bigger items to the laundromat to wash – you’ll pay a little bit extra every few months, but it’s a contribution worth making.