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Food colouring dropped into bowls of milk.

Recipes for Kids

Cooking with kids is super fun and gives little ones the opportunity to try new flavours and learn important skills. Here you can find easy recipes for kids that are simple to make and fun recipes for kids to whip up delicious baked goodies. 

Aprons at the ready – it’s time to get cooking! 

Remember, cooking with kids requires adult supervision.

Find out more about cooking with kids!

Kids will spill, splash, and drop things – it’s inevitable when cooking with kids. Be prepared for your kitchen to end up looking a bit worse for wear: cover surfaces and move any shiny new appliances out of the way. Pop your kids into aprons and you’re ready to begin!

Children of different ages will be able to do different tasks. Older children can help with chopping ingredients while you supervise them and younger kids can try simpler tasks, like rolling or mashing ingredients with their hands. Always keep hot appliances out of the reach of little ones. 

Children have short attentions spans, so straightforward, easy-to-follow recipes are best when cooking with kids. Give them simple, quick tasks to do and they’ll have fun doing each and every one! If stains happen in the process, don’t worry – you can check out OMO’s stain removal section for handy advice.

Decorating is always the fun bit when it comes to baking with kids. Whether it’s cookies, cakes, or another delightful treat, let your little ones go wild with their creativity and decorate their baked goods however they like! Don’t forget to share your treats with friends and family.

Fruit or veg aren’t always your child’s first choice of snack. Encourage them to enjoy healthy eating with fun and healthy recipes for kids. There are plenty of ways you can jazz up fruits and vegetables and make fun recipes for kids that they can help prepare! 

Cooking with kids and trying out easy recipes for kids offer so many wonderful benefits! Kids can learn mathematical skills and communication skills, and also explore the science of reactions that take place when you heat or mix ingredients. Try one of our recipes for kids and see what they learn!